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Alupan Co, which produces Aluminum systems and solutions, established the factory of manufacturing and fabricating project specific solutions in 1974, with annual production capacity of 11,000 ton. The company which is one of the unique foundation in Iran has ability to satisfy its clients - Engineers requests about Aluminum systems and architectural solutions, including designing, manufacturing, fabricating and mounting services.

Alupan, undeniably one of the pioneer in aluminum industries in Iran, has led the market in its sector by demonstrating high quality - engineering solutions in all projects undertaken till now.

Increased product quality, performance, new services and faster response times have led us to be one of the largest Iranian companies in the local market, also with experience in exporting aluminum systems & profiles to European & Asian countries, Alupan enables to fulfill its global business goals in international market each passing days.


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Head Office: No.7 , Nader Alley, Baba Taher St, Fatemi Ave, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +9821 24503

Email: Info@alupan.com

Factory: West AmirKabir Blvd, Alborz Industrial Twon, Qazvin, Iran

Tel: +9828 32223066